Sri Sathya Sai Baba

It was with great sadness and much regret that I received the news of Sathya Sai Babas death early on Sunday morning, the news of this great Holy Mans passing on sent shock waves throughout the entire global hindu community. He has spent much of the last month in intensive care before passing away from cardio-respiratory failure. He was 86 years old and leaves behind millions of followers and no heir. I have grown up practicing the ideologies and principles of Sri Sathia Sai and although his loss opens a big void, the lessons that he has taught us will forever remain to fill that void.

He will be buried in Puttaparthi - the town that he transformed along with his devotees, adding to its landscape world-class hospitals, schools and drinking water.

The funeral will begin at 9 am tomorrow. Baba will be buried in Prashanti Nilayam Ashram - where he lived - in Kulwant Hall, where his casket has been on display for darshan.Ten priests will conduct the ceremonies.

From tomorrow afternoon onwards, once the burial is over, the public will be allowed to visit Kulwant Hall again.

Never ever must we forget that "Service to humanity is to service to God"

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