Mortal Kombat Legacy Ep 3 Johnny Cage and Shng Tsung

Matt Mullins appeared as one of the finalists on America's got talent in 2007, it recently aired on SABC. I first saw him starring alongside Michael Jai White in Blood and Bone as Whites finally opponent, Mullins holds a fourth degree in the style Shōrei-ryū . He is the leader of Sideswipe, a martial arts based performance team  performing with their combination of martial arts moves, aerodynamics, and gymnastics.I think that his casting was well done.

He originally featured in the Rebirth trailer fighting Baraka played by capoerian fighter Lateef Crowder. In the series he acts as Johnny cage, the washed out martial artist superstar who is offered a once in a life time opportunity to prove his worth as a fighter in a tournament that will attract the attention of earths greatest warrior.

I'm still not happy at the length of these webisodes but they are very creatively directed leaving you after every episode wanting more. Mullins home videos were used for a fictional documentary of Johnny Cage, very well done

Enjoy this weeks webisode.
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