Ipad 2 Released Today!!

The Ipad 2 released today internationally as well as here in South Africa. There was not very much Hype in South Africa, pre-release, as no announcement was made from any quarter about the official release date. So it did come as somewhat of a surprise to many. Dion Wired released a tweet early this morning of the New IPad 1 Pricing,

" iPad1's priced from R1,999 to R3,999 but alas very little left, pls phone stores first to check"

So I hurried along to my nearest Dion Wired only to find out that I was 25 minutes too late, all the Dion Wired stores were sold out by 9:15am this morning as I confirmed by calling, Fourways, Hyde Park and Woodmead. The 16gb Ipad 1 with 3g and wifi sold for R2400-00, that is half the price of what it was originally released for a couple months ago when it first came out. The salesman at Dion Wired a repugnant looking Indian man arrogantly told me that The Ipad 1 is obsolete and that I should purchase the Ipad 2.

I quietly walked out the store with no reply to his troll comment, but if I did engage him in conversation it probably would have went something like this.

Me            : Hello, Mr. Salesman, I would like to buy an Ipad 1.
Salesman  : The Ipad 1 is obsolete, we no longer sell it because we do not deal
                    in obsolete junk
Me           :  Were you born on the highway? Cause that's where most accidents
Salesman : Why don't you get an Ipad 2?
Me           : You cannot estimate the immensity of the fuck in which I do not give.
                   I just want  the IPAD 1. The last thing I want to do is hurt you....
                   but it's still on the list.

People waiting for Ipad stock @ Dion Wired.

 So, lets see what happens in the coming months. I don't think that its fair that consumers are forced to buy these upgraded devices when older models will still suffice to a market that are stilling willing to pay good money. 
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