Telkom Buffoonery

17 calls, 33 lightning strikes on the same telephone cable, 21 call centre agents, R370-00 wasted on ISP and 1 month later, here I stand alone with this weight upon my heart, and it will not go away (sing in Kate Winslett voice).

If there is one certainty I have come to realise, it is that Telkom are proud to be rated Number 1 as worst service providers on Some of the complaints are hilarious like the guy complaining about being attacked by a panga wielding Telkom employee or the lady that got sworn by the Telkom agent who then insisted on an apology. My call centre episode in buffoonery goes something like this.

When you call Telkom you will be unhelpfully transferred through a variety of disinterested arse clowns in a  painstakingly enduring process that can test the patience of the most hardened monk. I was told that a cable was struck by lightning 33 times and sourcing the specific cable to resolve this issue happens over a period of time not to mention the time it will take to replace, all of this added up to 3 weeks to a month. The call centre consultant also took great pleasure in letting me know that I am not the only one with a fault on my line, there are many others before me in the queue, I will therefore have to wait two weeks in the queue before I start waiting for a month for my problem to be resolved as they have no control over what their technicians do in the field as their technicians are answerable to nobody, and the only means of communication they have with the field techs is a call forwarding system to an anonymous number.

Today is one month, so I have waited the mandatory 2 weeks, and now I am two weeks into a month which means I have about two weeks left till the line is fixed. Welcome to Hellkom.
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