Parktown Prawn adventures episode 3

Last Saturday we were again graced with the presence of another one of our armoured chitinous friends from the garden, I was hoping to have quiet morning and just listen to to the classics on 702, read my Saturday Star and have a nice breakfast, it wasn't to be so, there was a slight drizzle the night before and it seemed the little men in black monster crept in seeking some solace from the storm he experienced the night before.

As I sat at the table my eye caught the quick movement of a small red flash at the corner of the table, it was a prawn in its true glory, a cockroach on steriods, fully armoured, with long feelers they are relentlessly fast and have thick cockroach thighs making it capable to leap accross a room and over the tallest person in your house in a single bound and are most attracted to people who have brooms, they sip on insectsides like doom, target etc as if they are cocktails and because of all of this which I have encountered  from my previous experience, I have learned not to over react and cause a panic as this will only agitate him more and prompt him to splurt his disgusting brownish black vile from the bowls of his monstrous insect abdomen.

I removed myself from the table and quietly went for my camera, after taking several pictures of him  masquerading on my kitchen table as if he was a special effects creature from a cheap B grade movie, I  tasked my mother with the responsibilty of panicking and removing him from the kitchen and so she did in fine style. She jumped around like a frantic puppet, arms and legs flying all over the place as if she were dancing to a la cuka racha remix and grabbed the table cloth off the table and flung onto the veranda just outside the kitchen, my mothers reaction time was faster than a Bruce Lee one inch punch and before Mr. Arnold Roachnegger had time to react it was lights out for him, smacked 4 times with a broom. We have become more efficient with every encounter, we no longer jump on furniture or kitchen counters and our screams have toned down somewhat.

Till The next time we encounter a district 9 prawn.......

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