The Pothole Brigade

How amazing is this, on Monday the17th of January 2011 a joint memorandum was signed by the Gauteng provincial department, The Johannesburg Road Agency, Dial Direct (the insurance company) and LeadSA to employ a special task force to deal with Johannesburg's ever increasing pothole problems.

To fix potholes, the Dial Direct Pothole Brigade will use an innovative Jetpatcher, which is a large articulated vehicle that carries aggregate and hot asphalt for patching up or repairing potholes. A high-tech machine mounted on the chassis of a truck, it uses a high pressure compressor to blow out debris and water from the pothole. The airflow cleans out fissures in the hole to ensure that complete waterproofing is achieved.

The process takes between two and 10 minutes and helps to avoid further damage to the road base. After being fixed, a 500mm by 500mm pothole that is 150mm deep can be driven over immediately.


Once a pothole has been reported to the brigade, a reference number, which can be used to track its repair status, will be sent to the person making the report. You will also have the opportunity to opt in for updates via SMS or email.

Reported potholes will be inspected and if the Dial Direct Pothole Brigade can repair it, it will be filled using the Jetpatcher. If the pothole is beyond the brigade’s scope of repair, the details will be sent on to either the JRA or the provincial department of roads and transport.

The power is now in our hands to fix potholes, by the following means, you can report them online at the following sites
www. (this site just has a banner that is a link to the site above)

or by dialing *120*1551# from a cellphone and following the onscreen instructions, or via the mobile site,

I think that is a step in the right direction and I plan on reporting every pothole I see in Johannesburg and monitoring the progress of my complaint.

Armed with my digital camera I will explore this new and exciting frontier of pothole spotting and become the ultimate spotter in Johannesburg, well at least in the East Rand.

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