Attack of the Indian Werewolf

Check these trailers out, its a horror comedy of a werewolf wreaking havoc amongst the Durban charous. The werewolf  that  looks like a "Big Human Dog/ Teddy bear" is mysteriously attacking and killing unsuspecting Durban charous,

The movie is produced by Quarter Beans Productions and directed by Masood boomgaard and follows the story about Brandon (Neville Pillay) who is a timid electronics store clerk whose life is turned upside down when a chance encounter with the mystical jadoo bean transforms him into a ferocious wolf-like creature from which no one is safe- let alone his cheating girlfriend (Avashnee Vandiar) and abusive boss (A.K Khan).

Brandon’s spontaneous transformations into the beast causes him to unleash bloody carnage across his town and it is up to his best friend, the over the top Kuben (Sanjeev Singh) and his childhood sweetheart Samantha (Kajal Maharaj) to find a cure to the jadoo bean’s curse and put an end to the havoc.

The acting is poor and the music in the trailer sounds absolutely ridiculous, the costume design of the characters with those terrible wigs are unbelievably atrocious but these typical charous are having fun and inspector Perumal, the dude on the toilet sounds really authentic albeit his poor character design and ugly head mask. As for Logie Naidoo's appearance in this movie, all I want to know is what possessed him? I'm looking forward to watching this movies as much as I did the broken promise and run for your life series, its a morbid curiosity.
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