Juju Friday

Juju Friday took the twitter public of South Africa by storm today, this is all around the controversy of several unnamed individuals masquerading on twitter as our dim witted belligerent friend. Julius quickly realised that the tweets were not his own when he read many of the updates and they actually made political sense. The point of Juju Friday is to open several new accounts (which is fraudulent) in the name of the youth leader on the micro-blogging service in defiance of threats by the ANCYL to close the website over fraudulent accounts.

Radio 702 promoted Juju Friday vociferously which I think was very irresponsible, particularly because they are giving publicity which can be misconstrued as good publicity by many only empowering the Juju Monster more. Some people can go as far as saying we are making a martyr out of him. How can it be considered sensible to change your profile picture to "Mr. Taxi money" Malema or open a new fraudulent account in his name if you want to ridicule him? That seems like something an ardent follower or a stalker would do and for the latter is tantamount to defamation of character. I am not a supporter of  "I will kill for Mr. Zuma" Malema but irrespective of who it is, twitter should be held responsible for defaming and allowing users to create fraudulent accounts and be brought to task for this frivolous exercise. I am sure that if somebody created a fraudulent account in Mr. Gareth Cliff's name, saying things to ridicule him or besmirch his name, he wouldn't be too impressed and would seek legal representation for defamation of character.

As for 702 I am appalled at their Double standards, that they can condemn actions of individuals like stalkers who create fraudulent accounts on Facebook and Mxit but are willing to promote this ridiculous and callous exercise in celebrating stupidity. Bottom line is, we are giving stalkers, perverts, fraudulent users etc permission and power to continue harassing and abuse users of these popular social networking sites when we condone and apply our stamp of approval to useless endevours like Juju Friday.

Juju is doing an outstanding job defaming himself, he doesn’t need help from the public.

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