Wimpy "No Limit Chips and Coke"

We spent the afternoon today at a mall doing the usual mundane bill paying stuff, thereafter had a late lunch at Wimpy. As usual, I ordered my regular Chicken burger and chips with a strawberry banana smoothie, "U" was contemplating ordering the boerie wors meal which is new on the wimpy menu but I changed her mind to the "No limit chips and coke" burger meal.

This meal costs R49-95 and promises a regular refill of chips of coke, on request of course, the rules were,
1. no takeaways and
2. no sharing
but they don't really enforce it. So lets take the following into consideration, a standalone burger meal costs R34-95, and a regular portion of chips costs R9-50,

Before I look into Wimpy's deal let me delve into the psychology of the consumer.So here is the mentality an all you can eat restaurant fosters,a "No limit Chips and Coke" customer like myself goes to the restaurant with, "I have to make this work". "I have to get as much value out of this deal as I can. I'm going to show these fucks and I'm going to get even!" Every time we go to one of these places, we’re doing all these mental calculations on how much we should eat to have made it a good ‘deal’ when we’re stepping out. It’s man against math out here. Irrational as it may seem, we’re so obsessed with this sort of behaviour that we’ll continue eating serving after serving  just so that we have the mental satisfaction of knowing that we’ve had more food than we paid for, and that we beat the system

Its just a consumerist challenge that warps our sense of value. My reasoning is,1 portion of chips is all I can endure, I feel that wimpy is generally overpriced with their meals and I think the Burger meals should be R25-95 at best, withstanding the current price though, wimpy can now add R15-00 to their overpriced meal, of which the average customer can only endure 1 more portion of chips and maybe 1 more glass of coke, lets leave out the fact how unhealthy this whole exercise is. Therefore if I dont behave like a greedy bastard and go to wimpy and buy a burger meal this is what it would look like.

1 x burger meal           - R34-95 (this includes, 1x burger, 1x portion chips, 1x 27ml coke)

add the following below to meet minimum requirements of average customer

1 x extra portion chips -R  9-50
1 x regular coke           -R10-95  (by now you should have figured out that 275ml of coke 
                                               isnt ordinarily R10-95)
Total                         - R55-40 but because we giving you a choice of our no limit deal 
                                              we will slash R5-45 from the total cos.

I feel violated as a consumer, having thought I was getting value for money, I mean, one never anticipates to be caught in a web of consumersim deciet, I was attracted by the allure of the Bright signage and the statistical consumer trend of fast food. I am a just another consumer stat.  : (

With that said the only way to score from this deal is to be ridiculous, here how.

1. Go with a friend to wimpy Friend "A" must order the nolimits deal and friend "B" must just order a regular chicken burger and normal tap water, this will allow sharing of friend "A"s meal with Friend "B" bottomless coke and bottomless chips.

2. Take a day off from work, and sit at wimpy from the morning till the afternoon, and order the No limits meal, take advantage of the chips,particularly if you are training legs on that day. Remember to take along your own lunch as well to supplement wimpy's burger meal.

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