Pirhana 3d

If you like big boobs and gratitutious violence this movie delivers big time. Set in a small town where young unruly teenagers from all over the country come for the biggest spring break bash at the towns lake.An earthquake of massive magnitude creates a rift underneath the lake that opens the cave where these prehistoric razor teethed little teenage loving fuckers have been trapped for years thinking about the porno gore fest they will unleash when the doors open. The movie has a lovely intro reminiscent of dimension film intro like scream, urban legend etc.

The violence is gory, gratuitous and convincingly staged, It has a poor story line and very little character development. The special effects dudes did a great job, the carnage looks impressively (or nauseatingly) real, there were times in the movie I actually felt really sick, The carnage in this movie is incredible, with each death more imaginative and bad-taste funny than the last. 

The director remained true to pirhana fans and kept it as trashy as the original recapturing the spirit of "B" grade movies. The movie hired the talent of several famous actors, Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Richard Dreyfuss, Christopher Lloyd, Jerry O Connel and the dude that plays "Carlos" in "Desperate housewives" .Unfortunately however the 3d glasses do absolutely nothing and was completely uneccasary.The movie has a running time of 88 minutes and wastes no time getting to the point. Pirhana is strictly for "b" grade, pirhana and jaws fans, it gets a strong 6 out of ten for me, and definately worth a second watch.
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