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In recent years we have seen Indian cinema improve in leaps and bounds, and I'm not just referring to mainstream commercial cinema which has the sole aim of entertaining and making money in return but also parallel cinema or the Art cinema which aims at sensitizing the people on various social issues and problems of the society. Where commercial cinema appeals to all sections of the society, parallel cinema appeals mainly to the intellectual class and a half. A general awareness among people has increased and art cinema is being more and more appreciated by a large number of people. This trend is also fast becoming apart of South African cinema culture with the presence of more and more cinema nouveau's

Last night I was scouring around the internet for Indian Anime and came across some interesting projects to hit the big screen soon, all of this enthusiasm has recently come about with the release of Enthiran - Robot, Superstar Rajni's latest movie which is breaking box office records in India and all over the world.

first up is the Mahayoddha Rama Trailer- A 3D Indian Animated movie based on the Ramayana an ancient sanskrit epic based on the the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal servant, the ideal brother, the ideal wife and the ideal king with a prince of persia twist, the trailer looks like the opening theme for a cheap video game and the 3d animation looks like it was done by a student, nevertheless its a worth a watch and will definately be a stepping stone to better 3d animation.

Second up is Arjun an animated 2d animation that looks very promising, the animation looks very similar to the typical disney animations like Mulan, Anastasia, Tarzan, spirit etc. The movie focuses on the Indian mythological warrior prince Arjun, one of the five Pandavas. Arjun is a blend of CG and 2D. The storyline begins with Arjun as a nine year old boy and follows him till he grows into the warrior that the world knows him as. It explores his life with his brothers in Hastinapur, his training and education and his ultimate discovery of the warrior within himself. This looks great and I am really looking forward to watching the series and the movie 

Check out the Arjun trailer

Third is the Krishna trailer, this teaser trailer is very short and there is almost no information available about the production of this movie, all that I can assume is that the story line is about the god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being. As he is described in the Mahabaratha scriptures. Of all the trailers this looks the best and has a very kung fu panda feel..

Watch the krishna trailer here

The last of the anime trailers is Sultan which being written, produced, designed, and directed by Soundarya Rajinikanth, daughter of Rajinikanth. Pre-production of the film began in 2007 and filming took place intermittently until 2010. The film is expected to be released in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. The film's lead character is an animated version of Rajinikanth, who will also lend his voice for the dialogues while. The film has a massive production budget and is due to be distributed through Warner bros and released next month world wide. This trailer looks very disappointing with all the hype surrounding it, at best it looks like the final project of an average animation 2nd year student., i hope the final movie looks better than this.

And then on a final note, local film maker Kumaran Naidoo, from broken promise fame and Run for your life series has taken a step into a different genre, action horror in his latest movie, The House Knows, its been about two years since his last movi. The trailer although cheesy is well constructed and concise definately a step up fromhis previous endevours.

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