Easy Benefit Plan

On the left is the advert as it appeared on page 7 in the Sunday Times supplement "Its my business on 3 October 2010. On the right is the original poster painted by Boris Vallejo of the 1983 National Lampoons Vacation movie starring Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, is it me or is there a striking resemblance between these two pictures?

The advert is aimed at glorifying small business owners who are able to offer retirement savings, life and disability cover and family funeral benefits to employees/staff

But just as a matter of interest,  the poster of the movie struck me immediatly because it is a favourite and because Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell are amongst some of my favourite Fantasy artists particularly because of the works on the Xmen trading cards in the mid 1990's.

Although the advert has its merit and strongly drives across the point that the boss is the hero, the concept design for this advert is a shameless rip off and the "not" creative designer should be ashamed of himself trying to pass it on as his own idea. I think advertising agencies who produce work like this should be named and shamed on the Andy Rices ad feature on Jenny Cryws Williams's show.
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