This is the second time this year that Mbhazima Shilowa is being axed from Cope. Lolo Mashiane, Shilowa’s ally and Cope’s administrative whip and liaison, was also axed for refusing to co-operate with a forensic audit trying to establish how millions of rands allocated to the party by Parliament and the Independent Electoral Commission were spent. 

How amazing is it that Lolo didnt know she was axed until she was contacted by the media to comment about her axing. The announcement of Shilowa and Mashiane’s axing was made by party leader Mosiuoa Lekota at Parliament shortly after a meeting of the party’s congress working committee, which Shilowa attended. 

Shilowa’s axing related to a letter – a copy of which the party had given to the media – to Parliament’s financial department declaring that Cope had in place effective, efficient and transparent financial management and internal controls.It was signed by Shilowa. The name of Anton Louw, at one time an internal financial consultant to Cope, was written, but not signed, beneath Shilowa’s, confirming the statement.

So Anton Louw alleges that Shilowa wanted to backdate his time as a financial officer of Cope which Louw claims would have been unlawful. We are to believe that the gripe of the argument is about the misappropriation of party funds from The government and the IEC but other members argue that Lekota is merely using delay tactics, those who are afraid of democratic processes. It has nothing to do with finances as they were all members of the Congress National Comittee. Prolonging of the National congress will make the President more un popular. Everybody can see that the President doesn't want the Congress to go ahead, in fact he is not ready. 

We will just have to wait and see what the future holds for the fate of Cope.What a bunch of dumbasses!!
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