To the lady in the blue astra

This morning you almost ran me over for the second time at the intersection of Thorpe and Loveday, yesterday morning in a space of less than 10 metres you flickered your lights 3 times, you hooted twice and showed me the finger.
Taking into account that this morning I was crossing the street at 7:55am I can only assume that you were late for work and this warranted the release of your inner bitch, this morning after almost running me over, in your haste to be the big bitch, you almost rammed into the red Isuzu bakkie in front of you at the three way intersection, I didn't get a chance to get your number plate as I was  running for my life on both occasions to get to the other side but I saw your ridiculous bitch face spewing out expletives as if you were a rabid dog in a DMX song, what were you saying to me that was so important for you to momentarily take your attention of the road and almost hit the bakkie in front of you? I am sure you carry a lot of tissue in your car to wipe away the road rage foam from your mouth everyday. 

With all that said, I want to arrange an appointment to meet you so that we can discuss your dirty mouth, I think this may be the intervention you require before somebody kills you one of the days, My name is Sagren Moodley and my email is *******@*****.com, I look forward to your reply and if you choose not to reply, please write your reponse on a blank page or on the lines provided.
Letter delivered to the windscreen of the Foaming bitch.
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