The ergonomics of good workspace is very important when creating a conducive work environment, with this in mind u and myself embarked on a mission to find the perfect desk. We had very little to benchmark the perfect desk except that it needed to be a desk. We scouted around the China Town Complex in Bruma a week before purchasing the desk, this week gave us comfort as we acknowledged that we made an informed decision based on the 7 day cooling off period when making any impulsive decisions, that and the fact that the manager of the store (Tec Turbo) was a Chinese female Gargamel who only knew two English words “NOH DEESCOUNT” which really doesn’t help with her customer rapport.

The desks are computer desks, one with a supported drawer and the other with a free standing drawer, both of them came packaged in a box weighing approximately 35kg distributed over a rectangular surface area potentially making it twice as heavy. From the diagrams provided the assembly process was a long and difficult one, with only two diagrams of the completed desk and a legend for all of the packaged screws, this made for one of the most tedious processes of assembly ever.

The first desk took me 9 hours to assemble on Saturday and drove me to the point of madness where I started repeatedly saying Malungela Boy (a field reporter from radio 702). So after learning my lesson from the first desk, The second desk took me 10 hours, I passed out twice, cut my right thumb, watched idols for an hour, assembled it 3 times and disassembled it twice.

Assembling a desk requires good motor sensory and cognitive abilities, I think a good warm up is required before embarking on such an endevour, I recommend trying to complete a rubiks cube. As there is no prescribed time for how long it takes to completely assemble the desk, there is no telling how long you will feel like a useless arsehole.

The cold has amplified the pain in my gluteus medius muscle and my knees are still hurting, the desks have violated me. With that said, I strongly suggest buying a pre-assembled desk and paying whomever you choose to buy it from the necessary delivery costs, I wish the pain of assembling a thousand desks onto my worst enemy.
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