Weet Bix vs Oatmeal

Some research I did for a friend who was advised that Oatmeal is healthier than Weet Bix, read on and judge for yourself

The following information has been compiled by me from the nutritional information on the packaging to aide you in making a more informed decision about why I recommend weet bix as a first choice of breakfast.

Please bear in mind the following information about weet bix as per my advise against your unnamed source that unequivocally stated that weet bix is high in sugar and cholesterol

Weet Bix

1 serving =2 biscuits (40g)
there is a total of 1422 kj per 100g serving and 569 kj per (1) serving
total carbs = 25.9g per (1)serving
of which sugars only make up 2.6g per serving
total dietry fibre 4.3g (recommended dietry allowance) of which 3.8 is insoluble
(insoluble refers to fibre that is not immediately digestible which is assists in flushing out toxins)
0.6g of total fat per (1) serving
0 cholesterol

Jungle Oats

1 serving =1 cup = 100ml (40g)
there is a total of 1443 kj per 100g serving and 577.2 kj per (1) serving
total carbs = 22.48g per (1)serving
of which sugars only make up 2.6g per serving
3.64g of total fat per (1) serving
total dietry fibre 4.32g as per rda (recommended dietry allowance)
insoluble amount = undisclosed
cholesterol = undisclosed

Additional vitamins in Oatmeal that weet bix does not have

Vitamin b6
Folic acid vit b9
Magnesium If I had my nutritional bible, I would provide you with more detailed info here but it is already written on the side of the box
Calcium – (with added milk in weet bix you can achieve this vitamin)

in comparison to brown bread – please refer to final paragraph for relevance of this piece of information about brown bread.

there is a total of 1005 kj per 100g serving and 402 kj per (1) serving
total carbs = 18.6g per (1)serving
of which sugars only make up 1.84g per serving
0.6g of total fat per (1) serving
0 cholesterol depending on what your filling is

Jungle oats has its benefits maybe even more than weet bix, It is a fact that weet bix dietry fibre is more useful in aiding the digestive system than Jungle Oats, Jungle Oats has more carbs than weet bix and takes a longer time to digest but has 6 more vitamins than weet bix. In terms of energy release as per rda both weet bix and oatmeal contain the same amount of vitamin b1 per serving of 40g which is 0.3mg.It is my opinion that for the purpose of experimentation to see which breakfast your body best responds to, that for the first week, 2 days out of your work week be dedicated to having oatmeal and the other three to weetbix and the following week vice versa. If you are lactose intolerant remove the milk and add water or even fruit juice, the total carbs from 100g of milk pushes up the total amount of carbs in the weet bix to 30.6g which will increase the unit of kj proportionally.

I strongly feel weet bix has a lot more nutritional value to you especially because of your acid reflux problem, bombarding yourself with high amounts of carbs that is not easily digestable only makes your goal more difficult to achieve (because of the added vitamins, the assimilation and digestion of oats is longer* opinion based on common sense, fact to be confirmed), reduce the risk and alternate between the two if you have to, and, why opt for oatmeal? if you are already taking a multivitamin that is providing you with the same vitamins.

As per your statement last night about the sugar and cholesterol, eating two slices of brown bread including low gi is dangerous for you based on your unnamed sources uninformed advise about the nutritional value of weet bix. I would suggest whoever told you that weetbix has excessive amounts of sugars and is high in cholesterol recheck the nutritional information on the packaging as the same amount of sugar exists in oatmeal. Perhaps at the risk of adding muesli for the benefit of more fibre the sugar content is increased.

I am against generic diets that all propagate eating oatmeal only for breakfast where multivitamins and supplementation are not taken into consideration. 


A friend of mine who usually buys these oatmeal chocolates, discovered the other day, a 48g sticker over the original 40g sticker, was this a printing error? or was it really 40g? We didn't investigate further, but it is something that people need to be mindful off in the future.
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