There is Parktown Prawn Living under my Bed

For the last two nights i've been hearing a sound under my bed, the kind of sound crickets make. So last night i decided to google "parktown prawn sounds" and came across a website ( that describes the prawn in great detail and at the end of the website is a poem by   Bei Ju-Yi, of theTang dynasty who wrote the following :

"The Singing cricket chirps throughout the long night,
tolling in the cloudy autumn with its rain.
Intent on disturbing the gloomy sleepless soul,
the cricket moves towards the bed chirp by chirp"

After reading this i couldnt sleep and find myself extremely restless and tired this afternoon. I googled Parktown Prawn because in the last 6 months there have been 4 sightings at our place and they usually make themselves visible in the early parts of the morning between 1am and 4am.
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