Potholes in Jhn

Recently after the heavy downpours in January, everybody has been complaining about the potholes, describing Amos Masondo and the people responsible for the Johannesburg metropolitan area as incompetent, i can testify to this.

I frequently travel on Main Reef road that runs parallel to the M2 highwayand joins marshall street that connects me to my place of work in town. Main Reef road is a pothole ridden road with open manholes, dangerous drivers who speed and overtake without consideration of other road users, people crossing in odd places and a recognised are for smash and grabbers, all of these factors make it a precarious obstacle course of accidents waiting to happen.

The Road is used mostly by Trucks and heavy vans that utilise this route to gain access to the various Trucking companies that have populated this area.I use this route because it is quicker during peak morning traffic. Here is Picture that i took using my cellphone of a pothole that eventually grew into a sinkhole in the middle of the Road, forcing vehicles to divert to the pavement to bypass this interception on the road.

This Sinkhole in the road has been here since 12th January 2010, that is the first day that i noticed it. Today is the 12th of February 2010 and it is still there. I am certain whoever is in charge is "aware of the problem and waiting to fix it"

Another episode in "Ekhuruleni/ Johannesburg metropolitan incompetence"
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