The Little Grey and White Kitten

Every day for the last week, I’ve been seeing a little grey and white kitten, he usually sleeps under my neighbours car during the day and in the evenings sleeps in the parkade outside inside a spare tyre that’s been laying around for a while, mice have also recently made a home in our backyard and this is the reason the little kitten along with several other wild cats have been attracted. On Sunday afternoon he was quietly laying in a crevice outside our kitchen listening to the old man and I chat away. The little guy or girl unlike other kittens that I’ve seen running around showed more affection and responded to people in a very playful manner.

On Monday morning just before I left for work I noticed two black and white kittens sitting in the garden eating what I thought was a mouse or rat only on closer inspection to find it was the little grey and white kitten. There was also an adult black and white cat in the parkade, the two kittens showed apprehension when I neared them. This is the first time I have ever witnessed anything like this and it seriously disturbed me, I don’t understand the social relationship between cats, territorial behaviour or cat psychology to even begin to understand what I saw, most of what I can deduce is referenced from what I understand about survival instinct, but I still cannot understand if a fight did ensue and an adult cat was around, why there is no paternal instinct to protect the injured little kitten.

This is the note upon which my week started.
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