Lights out!!!

The power in my neighbourhood went off on Saturday at about 12:00 midday with no warning whatsoever, it remained off for the entire day and night. We were not informed of this outage, so I made it a point of referring to Eskoms roster of load shedding, unfortunately two of the more useful  sites that I have searched for this schedule including Eskom render errors and the third just doesn’t make any sense to me or I don’t think that it is updated.

On a positive note though I was rummaging through my brothers collection of books and found an interesting book about the life experiences of a famous African American brain surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, which I read halfway through and found extremely insightful and awe inspiring. Oldman and myself sat outside on kitchen veranda where he was marking his register and completing class schedules for Monday, we discussed JZ’s sexcapades and its impact on the tripartite alliance to great length. Played around with camera in the evening and took a couple of macro shots of lit candles in the dark, 
Our power was restored on Sunday Afternoon after a call to the municipality, it seems a fuse blew in the power box on the street utility pole resulting in power restored to all of our neighbours except us. Bummer.
 (The Eskom guys fixing the utility box on the street pole.) The Technician that assisted was really rude, nevertheless, he responded to our call in under two hours and took less than 5 minutes to resolve the issue, the lady that assisted us at the municipal call centre was extremely helpful and friendly. I was impressed at the overall service, maybe i should trying calling about the potholes.
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