702 Brain Game

This morning, i was on the John Robbie show with David o Sullivan standing in for him hosting the brain of 702, the show challenges contestants to answer as many questions as they can within 60 seconds against an opponent live on air, with the possibility of of winning R1000-00 should you beat your opponent

I was called up against Tinus from Florida Glen who scored 8 in this attempt. in my introduction with David o Sullivan, my line broke once but was clear for the rest of the time, so i cant use that as an excuse for my dismal performance. Tinus scored 8 out of 9. These were my questions, lets see if you can answer them.

1. True or False, Lusaka is in Angola
2. Which South African president was born in 1936>
3. Which South African born Author won the booker prize twice?
4. At which province was Raymond Machaba premier?
5. Spell Foreign.
6. from which plant is morphine made/
7. Bruce Springsteen had a hit with dancing in the .......?
8. True or false, The Wright brothers claim that the first flight lasted three minutes.
9. Does the Constellation Hydra represent a water snake or a sea turtle?
10. Which sport is Brisbanes Almanac?
11. What is the Chemical symbol for gold?

1. False*
2. F.W. De Klerk
3. J.M. Coetzee ( I cant Believe i said J.R.R. Tolkein)
4. Mpumalanga
5. F-O-R-E-I-G-N*
6.Popee Plant.
7. Dark.
9.Water Snake.

I only got two correct, they are the ones with * next to them. After completing the quiz, I ask myself "WTF" and had the same look on my face the monkey above had. I concede I could have thought about the question more carefully instead of hastly passing questions without attempting to even answer.

Nevertheless with all that said, answering these questions off air is much easier, I estimated that i genuinly only the answer to four questions and would have strongly relied on correctly guessing the multiple choice questions to give me a high score.

It was however a humbling experience albeit nerve wreckingwith all the preparation i put into preparing for it the night before, i still remain postivie that i am capable of doing much better and glaldy look forward to more experiences like these
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