My injury in my gluteus came about because of a lack of knowledge, I ask myself, is it possible to learn something wrong at a young age, keep practicing a wrong technique and thereafter perfect it at a later stage only relying on your bodies flexibility from a young age? Yes it is very possible and it is also common, your body will only accommodate your incorrect technique until age becomes a factor. I have used incorrect muscles to execute a kick correctly for a long time on my right hand side, im now paying the price.

The Gluteal muscle is divided in the maximus, the minimus and the medius. The gluteus maximus is one of the biggest muscles in the human body.

My weakness in this muscle caused poor stabilizing of the pelvis. My back is also described as a Sway back posture( this is a clinical term), in other words I have question mark back possibly caused by the way I sleep, on my stomach.
My Pelvis and hips are forward of my bodies midline, the hips fall forward and causes my bum to stick out like a bushman. My Hamstrings have become too strong and too dominant and have taken over the role that the glutes are meant to do.

To fix this problem I have to do glute strengthening exercises, which requires me to recruit isolate and contract my muscle, I now have to find a way to keep my back in a neutral position without the assistance of a kidney belt and in addition to my glute rehabilitation exercise I must also strengthen my core, my abdominal and lower back
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