Choosing a Personal Trainer

Here is some advice when choosing a personal trainer.

  1. When choosing a instructor it is in your own interest to find out the knowledge an instructor has acquired from his/her years of experience.
  2. What knowledge of physiology does the instructor have?
  3. Does the instructor have an in-depth knowledge of rehabilitation should an injury occur under his mentorship?
  4. Does the instructor have any insurance in place should you incur any injury during his personal training.
  5. Is your Personal Trainer qualified in basic first aid and cpr?
  6. What nutritional advice can the Personal trainer/ Instructor offer to you for you to advance in your chosen sport?
  7. What is the frequency of classes offered for you to improve and achieve your goal?
  8. What is his success rate and how well does he come recommended from past clients
  9. Is the professional affiliation of a personal trainer enough to entice you to join 
  10. Determine what it is you want to achieve before you consult a personal trainer this will lessen the amount of consultations and allow you to reach your goal faster.
  11. And last but not least, Does he have a good business sense, Does he realize that you are the customer and it is in his best interest to make you feel comfortable

In April/ May of next year 2010, I will enter my first bodybuilding competition in the IFBB league, I have chosen this specific league as I have become very well acquainted with what is required of me and the manner in which I will be judged. In my preparation for this competition I sought out the assistance a professional personal trainer as I believe the assistance  of an experienced bodybuilder will help me achieve my goals with fewer mistakes, on paper, my personal trainer is well qualified and meets most of the above requirements I have outlined, unfortunately he has no interest in what my goals are and there is a huge gap in communication and in our expectations, although he is able to give me detailed information about my current body condition, this is something I can do by myself. The guidance that I expected is not forthcoming. The methodology of the training programme provided to achieve my goals are in parts wasteful and in other parts merely insufficient,  I attribute this imbalance to a lack of careful thought during the compilation of the information gathered from my only one consultation. The knowledge that I have acquired over the years has served me well so far in achieving my goals.

I am approximately 4 and half months out now to my first competition. Ive decided that I want my competition weight to be 73 to 75kg roughly 7kg away from my lean body mass, I think if I compete at 70kg, I will be sacrificing the loss of too much muscle with the little that I have gained and so much I have already lost experimenting.

My years of experience have given me great insight into the sport. I have learnt that understanding my body type and its specific needs can only be understood by me and it is my responsibility to learn more about my strength and my limitations which are unique to me. I cannot blindly accept any information from any source that does not know my genetics, what my blood type responds too and overall what my limitations are.

(*side note – my gluteus injury was not caused by my bodybuilding)

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